Different Ways of Low Testosterone Treatment

07 Feb

The normal male produces a male sex hormone known as testosterone that is essential for the maturity of men's sexual characteristics such as sperm production, the growth of pubic hair or even deepening of the voice. Although testosterone is referred to as a male sex hormone, it is also produced in female ovaries but in minute quantities. In women, these small levels of testosterone are believed to promote healthy sex life as well as overall well being in women. Men are much affected by low testosterone production since start suffering several conditions such as low sex drive, impotence, poor erection, depression, low self-esteem, muscle loss and much more. Since every problem that has been identified has a solution, there are different ways of low testosterone treatments that are readily available. Some are natural while others are artificial. Some physicians recommend the use of artificial testosterone treatment to boost testosterone levels. You can be administered with injections, capsules or even hormone replacement therapy. Even though artificial low testosterone treatment may assist to restore the normal level of testosterone, they can come along with overwhelming side effects. You can develop cancer, baldness, apnea, sexual drive, prostate cancer and so forth.

The healthier and more preferable low testosterone therapy is natural treatment. It is the most recommended by physicians as it has little or no side effects. Weight training exercises can assist in restoring normal levels of testosterone. The most preferred exercises are frequent and intense programs that are done within a short period to help the pituitary gland to increase the production of testosterone. You can also do squats, deadlifts, bench press as well as pull-ups. You should also consider taking enough quantities of protein that will trigger the hormone glucagon and anabolic responses that are ideal for testosterone production. It is also advisable to feed on more vegetables and fruits as well as reduce carbohydrate intake especially the carbohydrates that are rich in starch and simple sugars. You can also boost testosterone levels by feeding on essential fats like the ones found in flaxseed and omega 3 fatty acid in fish. It is also recommended to ensure you have sufficient rest and sleep for increased production levels of testosterone. Those who are looking for faster and better outcome in the treatment of testosterone can resort to natural or herbal supplements.  Tribulus Terrestris, Mucuna proteins and catuna bark powder and others are effective in retaining testosterone levels in men. Choose the best way that can suit you in low testosterone treatment. Find out more here:  https://mantalityhealth.com

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